Mold Remediation at Henry’s Duct Cleaning Specialists


mold remediation


If you’ve noticed air quality problems in your home, you might want to call Henry’s Duct Cleaning Specialists. Not only do we offer top notch duct cleaning, but we also provide mold detection services.


Mold tends to grow in dark places, like in the rafters or air ducts. It’s not always easy to know if your residence has been infested.  Our qualified mold inspector will be able to perform a mold inspection detect any mold in your home.


We can also figure out the kind of mold with which you are dealing. The species and severity will determine the level of treatment needed to cleanse the house. In some cases, mold removal is a fairly simple matter, requiring no more than dehumidifying the air and exposing affected areas to sunlight. In others, it can be considerably more laborious and may need a mold sampling for further review. In any case, our mold remediation specialists will be able to remove it from your home.

Contact Henry’s Duct Cleaning Specialists in Forest Park, IL for more information about our mold remediation and air duct cleaning services. Call today!



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