Mold Detection at Henry’s Duct Cleaning Specialists

mold detection

When was the last time you had a mold inspection? If you don't know the answer, it is time to call for a mold inspector, and Henry’s Duct Cleaning Specialists in Forest Park, IL is here to help!

Mold is probably the single most unsightly problem that can afflict a home. Mold is a basic type of fungus that thrives on decay. The type of mold that ruins your home is a lot different than the one that grows on stale bread, and a lot more dangerous. It can creep in if your moisture barrier is dysfunctional.

Mold can be a real issue when it spreads throughout the house. It results in ugly and blotchy stains on the walls and ceiling. It thrives on water damage and can often be seen in homes hit by floods. The worst thing about mold, however, goes beyond aesthetics. Spores from mold are dangerous. A bad mold infestation can pose a health hazard to residents. Mold spores get in the air, which might cause or worsen allergies. This is why you need professional mold removal if you home is infected.

Protect your home and family by hiring a mold detection expert for all your inspection and mold remediation needs. For an excellent mold inspector, contact Henry’s Duct Cleaning Specialists in Forest Park, IL today!


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